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Forget Summer, it’s now Frozen

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Although summer-themed parties remain a constant popular during the warmer months, it seems that a new theme pops its head up every few months.  For the best part of 2015, the most popular theme for children’s parties has been based on the Disney film, ‘Frozen’.Planning a themed party such as Frozen, can take away the stress of coming up with ideas, as a huge variety of content will be available on the internet, and in most shops.

For entertainment, Disney also has some great printable activities and recipes.

Our themed page and Pinterest board will give some great ideas of what you can do for your Frozen party.

frozen-activity-ice-lolly-recipes No themed party would be complete without the right setting. You could easily create a winter wonderland by making some paper snowflakes and stringing them along the ceiling and in corners of the rooms.Cardboard cut outs could also be made of some of the characters to set up in the corner of the rooms, to create a display.

You might also theme your food. Ice lolly pops or even marshmallows on sticks coloured blue and white would create a fantastic centrepiece.

Finally, don’t forget themed cups, plates and napkins, such as this set from Party Pieces, as well as these invitations from Partybox. Our recommended retailers also have more themed ideas and costumes to complete your Frozen party.


A Rustic Wedding Day

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As a wedding planner, I am always looking at new trends or what will be hot and will not for this year and next year. It’s important in my job to ensure that I am up to date with what clients are going to be looking for and to have made the contacts with the venues in advance.  For the next two years it is most definitely rustic barn weddings.  I think the simplicity of the setting and their rustic charm is the huge selling point.Couples on a very limited budget can really benefit from barn weddings as the decor usually needs very little done to it in order to make it ‘shine’, and when you are looking at what you can and cannot afford to fit into that budget, not having to spend a lot of money covering up a picture of a dog on one wall and a horse on another (often the case in hotels!) can be extremely appealing.
Usually, barns are on old working farms and have been converted to extremely high standards. Being rural also means that usually there are no noise limiters and plenty of parking (a tick on everyone’s list).  Often accommodation is on site.  Farmland also comes with acres of land which can be a photographers dream, the opportunities can be endless with hay bales, woodland etc.A venue that is particularly beautiful is in Hertfordshire and called Milling Barn ( Set in acres of woodland and available for both indoor and beautifully scenic outdoor weddings in the woodland or gardens this is absolutely a definite favourite for 2015 and 2016. Barn wedding blog image 2
Chevalier Chairs Barn Wedding Blog What can you add to a barn wedding setting?  Well, in simple terms you don’t need to do too much.  I absolutely love the chevalier chairs and they are absolutely huge and definitely out-doing the more traditional chair covers and sashes and these are always top of my list with private clients in terms of what to bring to a venue.  Bunting, pompoms and fairy lights all add to the charm but naked flames are a definite no no for barns (flicker LED’s are just as effective).
Picnics at weddings are also becoming the in thing.  I think, in general, couples are looking to move away from the ‘three courses’ that we are all used to being given at weddings.  There is only so much chicken at a wedding you can eat in a 12 month period!Hog roasts and BBQ’s are also great for budget brides; a hog in general will feed around 120 people, but you must remember that if you are having an early wedding that you need to allow at least 8 hours for a hog to roast.Hotels are beautiful for rustic weddings, but given the choice I’m looking forward to some rustic settings for the next two years (great British weather permitting!)If looking for more inspiration, have a look at the dedicated theme page on this website.


This blog written by Donna Duffy of Scarlet Feather Events

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