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20 Things to remember on Bonfire Night

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Remember, remember the 5th of November? Well, these 20 things at least…

  1. Several weeks before your event check if you need to obtain a licence from your local authority for your party?
  2. You need to have a large open space and ensure that you work out clearance distances of how far away your guests need to be away from the fireworks. Check the wind on the evening of the party and be prepared to alter your distance.
  3. Before buying fireworks look at the most popular brands (Black Cat, Ghenghis, Fireworks Crazy & Kimbolton) and see which ones’ best fits your space and make a plan of type of display you want to achieve by thinking about the duration of each set of fireworks, different firework types such cakes, roman candles, rockets, and mines, colour schemes and heights.
  4. Keep all animals indoors.
  5. Serve any food that can be eaten without fuss i.e. hot dogs, toffee apples, and bags of popcorn.
  6. The entertainment will be in toasting and eating chestnuts and marshmallows so have lots of skewers and suitable foodstuff.
  7. Serve warm drinks such as hot chocolate and top with whipped cream and marshmallows for the children. Hot mulled wine or hot toddies for adults.
  8. Who is handling the fireworks and are they competent?
  9. Dig a large pit (approx. 12ft wide and 18 inches deep) for your bonfire and put a circle of stones around the outer edge to contain the fire. Make sure that there is no shrubbery around that can catch fire.
  10. Notify your neighbours so they can plan for the noise and parking disruption.
  11. Light the fire 10 minutes before your guests arrive.
  12. Keep a large supply of dry wood and kindling materials such as newspapers and plywood to keep topping up the fire.
  13. Make sure that someone is in charge of checking that the fire does not extinguish.
  14. Keep children way from the fire and under close supervision.
  15. Always make sure that the end of the sparkler is never touched, even if your sparkler has gone out, as it will still be very hot.
  16. Define a suitable dress i.e. warm clothing, hats, gloves & scarves and boots.
  17. Do children have gloves for handling sparklers?
  18. Before allowing children to handle sparklers ensure they understand how to handle them.
  19. Suitable music is Katy Perry- Firework, Ellie Goulding- Explosions, DJ Fresh & Rita Ora- Hot Right Now, Take That feat. Lulu- Relight My Fire and The Prodigy- Firestarter
  20. Suitable games for children are lucky dip, ring toss, hook a duck.

Bonfire Night

Create a Pirate Outfit

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 Create a pirate outfit

Part eight – Pirate Outfit

The lovable rogue, Captain Jack Sparrow has increased the popularity of pirates for Halloween. The pirate  outfit is versatile and suitable for all ages.


A great look can be created with face paint and a bandana, white shirt, buckle belt and leggings to complete an effective look. A hook, parrot and eye patch make the perfect accessories for your pirate outfit.


Step one

Paint the outline of an eye patch and string with a small brush. Or you could use a real eye patch.

Step two

Fill it in with black paint and also make sure the model has their eyes closed.

 Step three

Paint the outline of a bandana across the forehead and on the opposite side of the face.

Step four

Fill in the bandana using a large brush and red paint.

Step five

Gradually stipple the face with black or brown paint to create stubble.

Step six

Add scars by painting thin lines in red or brown.

Create a Devil Outfit

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 Create a devil outfit

Part seven – Devil Outfit



Whether you’re a cheeky little devil, a sexy devil or simply just a demon, we’ll help you create the perfect devil outfit for Halloween.

Step one

Decide whether to use a base paint on the whole face and neck. If so, choose a red colour.

Step two

Using a very thin brush, paint a line of black over the eyebrow, following the natural shape, but creating an exaggerated arch.

 Step three

Apply plenty of red or black eyeshadow. Using a smoky eye technique will create a sultry temptress look for a sexy devil and creating dark circles will appear demonic. Keep it more natural for children.

Step four

If going for the temptress look, use an ivory foundation and powder to create perfect porcelain skin. Apply blusher with a contouring brush to define the cheekbones.

Step five

Outline your lips in red or black. Apply a dark lipstick, dab off with a tissue and apply powder before reapplying another coat. This will help it last.

Step six

Devil costumes are easy to make or buy in any supermarket or fancy dress shop, or you could even create a look from your own clothing. Accessorize with horns, a cape and a trident.

How to create Cute Witch Face Paint

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 Cute Witch facepaint

Part six – Cute Witch Face paint


Witches can be cute as well as scary, especially for children’s Halloween outfits. They key to having a great cute witch look is to make sure that the face paint isn’t too dramatic and  that the costume has plenty of lacy ruffles.

When using any kind of face paint for children, be aware of any potential skin sensitivities, especially around the delicate eye area.

Step one

Use a base paint on the whole face and neck. White or pale colours give a softer look.

Step two

Paint a thin line of black over the eyebrows with a thin brush. Ask children to close their eyes.

 Step three

Follow the line up and away from the natural shape of the eye to form an exaggerated arch. Extend the line down onto the bridge of the nose.

Step four

Paint the whole eyelid and edge of the nose bridge in a blue or purple toned colour. Use a fine brush to keep the lines sharp.

Step five

Feather the top and bottom of your eye line in small, sharp strokes. Paint black stars, a wart or a crescent on the cheek.

Step six

Follow the curve of the lips and paint in your chosen colour. Pinks are softer and cuter! Dab translucent powder on the lips and reapply to set the pain to last longer.

How to create Hag Witch Face Paint

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 Hag Witch facepaint

Part five – Hag Witch Face paint

You can create many different types of Halloween looks with facepaint, with witches being very popular. These next few guides will focus on hag witches and cute witches, suitable for both adults and children.

A great tip for creating a truly scary hag witch is to build up layers of face paint to create a strong base, which will emphasis the folds of your skin and have the benefit of lasting all night.


Step one

Use a base paint on the whole face and neck. Good colours to use are white, grey and light brown or green.

Step two

Paint along the folds of the cheek to the mouth, in dark colours such as purple or brown.

 Step three

Paint bags under the eyes by following the natural line downwards from the corner. Feather the lines with a brush and cotton bud.

Step four

Follow the same method across the forehead and over the eyebrows and exaggerate all frown lines.

Step five

Paint fine lines for wrinkles all along the mouth. Paint the mouth black, tan or red.

Step six

Shade the cleft of the chin. Blacken one or two teeth with mascara

6 Halloween Zombie Makeup tips

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Halloween is a great time to test your creative abilities with great costumes and makeup. In the run up to Halloween, we’ve giving you some awesome looks over the next 10 days.

Today, we’ll show you the basics of creating a zombie look and tomorrow we’ll show you how to jazz up the look with authentic look bullet holes

Halloween Zombie makeup

Part one – Create a Halloween Zombie look


Use white stage makeup to paint your face white, building up layers so they don’t rub off when you sweat. Seal with translucent powder.

You can find the makeup in any party supplies retailer, such as Angels Fancy Dress. Alternatively, you could improvise with a very pale foundation.

Create dark circles

Use your little finger to rub a purple or grey eyeshadow under the eye to create dark circles.

Define your eyebrows

Define your eyebrows and eyelashes with a black mascara to add extra definition. You can also fill in the eyebrows with dark eyeshadow.

 Use a dark lip colour

Use a dark eyeshadow, such as grey or purple on your lips, as a base before adding a red lipstick. Define with lip liner

Define the cheeks

Using a grey or light purple shadow on the cheeks will create a gaunt look

Don’t forget blood!

Add some trickles of blood down the face and neck. Concentrating on the cheeks adds impact.

Have a bad hair day

The dirtier and messier the better. Backcomb to add extra tangles.

Ghosts, Lanterns and Punkie Kings

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Many religious festivals change dates each year according to the phases of the moon, but Hallowe’en (or ‘All Hallows Eve’) is always celebrated on 31st October, the day before All Saints Day, a Catholic celebration to honour the saints. However, this wasn’t always the case, and it was once celebrated on 12th May, before it was moved by Pope Gregory III in the 9th century.


Nobody is sure why the date was changed, although some experts think it may have been to coincide with the Celtic celebration of Samhain, which was thought to honour the spirits of the dead at the end of the year, and is also known as Summer’s End.

We even have a little-known name for Halloween in Cornwall, called Allan Day. To this day, local Cornish children are given a present of an Allan apple on Hallowe’en, as a symbol of protection.  Apples have always been considered magical by the Celts, who believed that eating them kept the gods young and beautiful. Did you know that, if an apple is cut crossways, you can see a perfect five-point star?

The Romans also has a similar festival at the end of October, called ‘Pomona Day’, which merged with Samhain after the Romans came to Britain around AD 43. This festival was dedicated to Pomona, the goddess of fruit and trees.

Using fire-lit lanterns at Hallowe’en stems from a Celtic tradition to both keep away bad spirits and keep bad spirits warm, well as honouring the sun to give it strength to survive through the harsh winter. The use of pumpkins for these lanterns, instead of flaming torches, is thought to originate from Ireland, where they actually used turnips. It was the Americans who brought pumpkins to the UK.

In the village of Hinton St. George in Somerset, there is a tradition called ‘Punkie Night’, where children make a lantern out of a pumpkin or other similar mangel-wurzel vegetables. Faces are carved into them and children sing the ‘Punkie song’ whilst collecting money for charity, and threaten to trick people if they don’t donate. The boy and girl who collect the most money are elected Punkie King and Queen.

Punkie night is celebrated on the last Thursday in October, so doesn’t always follow on Halloween.

Halloween Lantern Today, we’ve retained a lot of the ancient traditions, but celebrate in a fun-filled spooky setting, as opposed to keeping bad spirits away.Our Halloween theme page gives lots of ideas of how to celebrate Hallowe’en, along with links to retailers for your supplies and gifts.


Forget Summer, it’s now Frozen

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Although summer-themed parties remain a constant popular during the warmer months, it seems that a new theme pops its head up every few months.  For the best part of 2015, the most popular theme for children’s parties has been based on the Disney film, ‘Frozen’.Planning a themed party such as Frozen, can take away the stress of coming up with ideas, as a huge variety of content will be available on the internet, and in most shops.

For entertainment, Disney also has some great printable activities and recipes.

Our themed page and Pinterest board will give some great ideas of what you can do for your Frozen party.

frozen-activity-ice-lolly-recipes No themed party would be complete without the right setting. You could easily create a winter wonderland by making some paper snowflakes and stringing them along the ceiling and in corners of the rooms.Cardboard cut outs could also be made of some of the characters to set up in the corner of the rooms, to create a display.

You might also theme your food. Ice lolly pops or even marshmallows on sticks coloured blue and white would create a fantastic centrepiece.

Finally, don’t forget themed cups, plates and napkins, such as this set from Party Pieces, as well as these invitations from Partybox. Our recommended retailers also have more themed ideas and costumes to complete your Frozen party.


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