Christmas Tree Product Review

Buying a Christmas Tree?

If you have not bought a Christmas tree yet or if you need to replace yours then it is time to hit the shops as the prices are coming down!  Overnight Argos has reduced the prices on some of their trees and other store may follow. Over the past week we have been reviewing the best Christmas tree buys and have reviewed 10 product, narrowing them down to our top 5.

If are rushing to the shops to grab a bargain then there are 3 things that you may wish to think about:

  1. Do you want real or artificial Christmas Tree?  If real you will need to check whether it is fresh and the needles are firm.  Ask whether the shop give a guarantee if the tree dies before Christmas and if it is a low needle drop?  When buying an artificial Christmas tree examine it to make sure that it does not look too plastic and that the metal hooks are not too awkward to slot into the frame.
  2. What size of tree do you need?  Take some measurements from floor to ceiling and imagine how tall you want your tree when the tree topper is in place. Where will you place your tree, and will there be enough passing space around it?
  3. What type of ornaments do you prefer?  The final look of the Christmas tree will alter depending on what type of branches your want. There are so many too choose from such as pine, fire, pre-lit, snowy, coloured etc. The general rule is that pine trees look better with light decorations such as bows and tinsel. Fir look better with heavy baubles and dramatic decorations.

Overall there were 2 trees that scored 10/10. It was very difficult to pick which one we preferred so we had a joint top tree as they were designed to fit into different style homes.  Many of the larger trees in John Lewis sold out quickly. Argos had some fantastic value Christmas trees and if there were any quality issues you can feel secure that they operate 30 day money back guarantee. In general Debenhams seemed to be  expensive in comparison to the other shops so they did not make out top 5 list are I have given 2 links for really nice Christmas trees.   With Amazon it was not possible to physically examine the Christmas trees and so we had to research information from the internet and there seemed to be a lot of mixed reviews about the quality.


Christmas Tree Product Review Results

  • Cooper Green Pine Christmas Tree, 7ft.  10/10  It the shapes look very natural, with thick the pine  and frosted cones which add an authentic, rustic touch.  Buy from John Lewis for £150.00.
  • Snowy Woodland White Flock Christmas Tree, 6ft. 10/10  This striking coloured Christmas tree is ideal for adding unique style to any home. Gorgeous, full branches offer generous space for decorations, which look beautiful in contrasting or complementary shades in any modern interior. Buy from Marks & Spencers for £125.00
  • Prelit Snow Tipped Christmas Tree –  9/10 A 7 foot pre-lit Christmas tree with snow tipped branches and 200 warm lights included. It is very busy and feels good quality. Buy from Argos for £89.99 (full price £104.99)
  • Nordmann Fir Real Christmas Tree with Stand 8/10.   These are the perfect and symmetrical trees that you see on the John Lewis Christmas TV advert.  They look bushy, have soft foliage, excellent needle retention plus they smell divine. Buy from John Lewis Size and prices vary from 5-6ft for £65 to 7-8ft for £100 (pot depends on tree).
  • Evergreen Slim Christmas Tree, 6ft.  7/10  A very tall and slim tree which would be perfect in smaller homes, especially as the choice is so limited. The branches were fairy thick and it felt quite sturdy enough to carry lots of decorations. This made our top 5 has it is such good value. Buy from Argos for £14.99  (full price is £19.99).
  • Real Christmas Tree at IKEA. £25 with a voucher! Not in our affiliation group but we had to mention the fantastic bargain at IKEA because they are giving a £20 voucher away with all purchases of their trees but the offer is only valid *26/11/2015 and 23/12/2015.  Check their T&C’s
  •  Skye Snowy Fir Christmas Tree, 7ft. This is a magnificent Christmas tree as it has lots of heavy snowy branches. You can almost image that you are outside. The only reason why it has not made it higher up the list is that we need a balance of different sized Christmas trees. Buy from John Lewis for £180.00
  • Noma 7ft ‘Shetland Forest Pine’ artificial Christmas tree. The Shetland Forest Christmas tree is a traditional mixed tip style that will look great in your home.  The Noma Christmas trees are known for their outstanding quality.  Buy from Debenhams for £250.00
  • Noma 6ft ‘Scottsdale Fir’ pre-lit Christmas tree    The traditional ‘Scottsdale Fir’ pre-lit Christmas tree. It has 300 warm LED lights and an 8 hours on/ 8 hours off timer.  It is made by Noma and so you can be assured that it is manufactured to very high standards.  is a traditional style that will look great in your home. Buy  from Debenhams for £300.00
  • Slim Green Colorado Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree (2.1m / 7ft).  We can only make base on product review on other views written by consumers.  In general it sounds as if it is a reasonable price for a reasonable product. The size is suitable for an average room. The negative feedback is that the tree drops some of its needles.



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