Decorating your Christmas tree

4 easy steps & 2 brilliant videos

Decorating your Christmas tree should be fun and easy, so make this happen by following our 4 easy steps and watching the two videos from Monkeysee and Robeson Design.  There is no better way to welcome in the Christmas spirit than by snuggling up in the dark with a festive drink with your family and friends to enjoy your beautiful Christmas tree.

Step one – Artificial or Real?

Before decorating real trees always soak the tree overnight and make a diagonal cut in the base before placing in your planter.  Avoid placing it near direct heat as the needles will drop more quickly. Following both of these tips will help to preserve your Christmas tree for longer.  For both real and artificial trees use plastic bags or a tree skirt to catch all the pines when decorating as it will make your cleaning  easier.

Read  instructions before you begin assembling the tree.  When unpacking your artificial tree make sure that you take time to organise the parts of your tree into sizes, colour codes and the base.   If you were well organised last year then your tree will already be wrapped or tied together in groups, labelled and semi-fluffed!  Fluff your tree.  Fluffing the tree is consuming but essential for artificial trees because it adds volume to create a bushy full tree.  For this reason when packing up my tree I  prefer to loosely wrap sections of the tree into sheets, plastic or smaller boxes,  clearly marking each section to ensure the tree does not get squashed.

Step two

Unpack all of your decorations and lights and also lay them out into colours, themes, palettes, and sizes.  Remember to keep all your packaging and labels intact to reuse for next year.  Rather than just placing decorations over the tree consider picking a theme.  If you want to be bang on trend then opt for  whimsical, vintage or nature inspired Scandinavian theme. Classic two colour contrasts such as snowy white and silver or in red and gold are timeless, traditional tartans or have a contrasting mixture of modern colours have a wow factor.  Alternatively show off your creative side and make your Christmas tree unique by using some with sentimental value such as family heirlooms, decorations from babies first Christmas or homemade by your children.

The way you place lights will have a huge impact on the overall look of the Christmas tree and it is difficult redo the decorations if not happy with the results.  So, it is a good idea to image the decorations on your tree and map everything out mentally before you begin.

Step three

Before  decorating untangle your lights,  lay them out on the floor, switch them on to test and change any bulbs that may have blown. Adding lights before decorating with ornaments is much easier rather than try to fit them in afterwards.   Know the exact position of where you want to place your tree, calculating that there is enough cable to reach the electrics, there is enough passing space and there is no trip hazard risk.  Only once your have done this you can begin decorating your tree with lights.

Make sure that the lights are turned off. Then I wrap lights onto a small stick and simply unwind them off the stick, it is very effective as it has saved lots of tangles and overstretching.  Hold the stick at arms length and loosely drape the lights onto your required layout. I tend to work from the inner branches out halfway, wrap around the tree and loop onto the next working from the bottom to the top. Use a timer or smart app to reduce the amount of times you need to be near the tree, therefore reducing your risk of knocking it over.

 A Video by Monkeysee.

Step four

Lay stringed decorations such as beads or tinsel on lower branches, working around the tree, outwards and upwards.  Baubles and hanging decorations should be even for a traditional look. Get impact by grouping several big ornaments together or suspending icicles and iridescent decorations on the tips of the tree. Large poinsettias, bows and berries look beautiful if you have a rustic tree but overcrowding the tree with them can look messy.  To keep your tree looking it’s best secure  loose decorations with crafting wire.  Stand back and admire your work. Make adjustments if you need to make things more symmetrical.   Now is the time to snuggle up with a hot chocolate or mulled wine by the fire –with all your hard your you’ll be sure of giving your guests a  warm welcome this Christmas.

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