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Need Help If you have any questions regarding the use of our website, please check the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if they provide the answer.If not, please contact us through the Contact Form, and we will be pleased to help you further.


Customer Profile

Your login details must be unique in the system, whether you are a Customer, a Party Planner, or a Supplier or Venue listing in our database.

  • It is free to register as a customer and is necessary to save searches and upload documents to your scrapbook.
  • A login does not automatically add you to our newsletter list, so you will need to sign up separately on the home page for this.
  • Once set up, a Customer Login ID cannot be subsequently used to create a Supplier or Venue Listing.  If you want to add a Supplier Listing, you will need to use a different email address for it.
  • However, a logged in Supplier can use the same functions as a logged in Customer, e.g. a Party Planner who is listed in our database, and who also uses the system to plan parties.
  • Personal images added to your profile should ideally be square (e.g. 150 * 150 pixels).  Permissible file types are .jpg, .jpeg or .png, and the file size should not exceed 250kb individually.


You may add any of the following file types to your Scrapbook – doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf.  Files should not exceed 250kb individually.

Search Functions

We offer two separate Search functions on the site:

  • The Search in the page header area is a Site Content search that scans through the Page and News Content of the site to match the search term provided .  It does not search through the database of Suppliers and Venues.
  • For Supplier Listings and Venue Search, these are based on Supplier / Venue Types, Keywords and Location (County) so that you can locate Suppliers or Venues in your area.

Supplier and Venue Listings

We offer advertising listings in three packages, Red, Amber and Green, please see List your business for further details.  You may upgrade your listing at any time, please contact us to discuss the options. Payment is through BACs into our bank account, or by credit card and you will see details on your invoice.

  • Each listing is identified in our system through a Unique Booking Code, which allows you to identify Party Guide as the source for any referrals, or booking enquiries that you may receive directly from clients using our site.  For our Red listings, we will track enquiries passed through to you, and ask you to verify sales resulting from them each month so that we can confirm any commissions due for payment. For Amber and Green listings, we use them to monitor the effectiveness of our marketing. As the name implies, the code must be unique, so that we can identify you too! A suggestion would be 3 letters followed by 3 random numbers separated by a hypen (i.e. PGS-18002).
  • Logos added to your profile should ideally be square (e.g. 150 * 150 pixels).  Permissible file types are .jpg, .jpeg or .png, and the file size should not exceed 250kb individually.  If they cannot be square, or viewable inside a square holder, please advise us, and we will do our best to scale them properly for viewing on your listing. On Amber and Green listings, images can be up to 2MB individually.
  • For Green listings, you can use the gallery field to add an alternative social media link, such as Google +, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr, or even to a dedicated photo gallery on your own website

Affiliate Retailers

In addition to our database of Suppliers and Venues, The Party Guide has negotiated agreements with a number of High Street retailers to bring you the convenience of shopping for relevant goods and services.

These are listed separately through the Affiliates section of the website, and each has a separate page in our Shop where you can link directly through to their websites without losing your place in our website.

Please note that any purchases are made directly with the retailer and your contract is with them. We have no responsibility for any goods purchased.

Gallery Images and How to Guides

We have created several galleries of images for you to use for ideas for your chosen theme. In addition to our ideas gallery, we also have supplier galleries of images provided by them.

Our How to Guides provide comprehensive guides to achieving the look you want, as well as quick planning guides for your convenience. The quick guides are available in downloadable format for you to edit.


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