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We actively encourage those who list with us to develop some green practices and we will provide you with our checklist to see where you are already meeting some criteria. Your listing will be reflective of where you are on your journey – Red for if you’re beginning your journey; Amber is our intermediate level and Green is our advanced level.

Should you wish to become greener, or even work towards full certification,we can support you through our separate environmental consulting business, Green Steps Consulting. In some cases, we may be able to help you secure some government funding to help you develop a greener business.

Once your account is live, you can amend your details or update your listing whenever you like, for example, with special offers. Select your preferred level of listing, check out the FAQ page for guidance and then scroll to the bottom to click through and complete the appropriate form. Please be aware that if you wish to purchase either Amber or Green listings, you must meet the relevant criteria on the separate checklist we will send you before we validate your account as live.

Check the Listing Details…..


Business Name
Location / Address
Manage Own Listing
Contact Details (Client and Party Guide)
Description (max chars) 250 500 1,000
Direct link to your website
Direct link to your Facebook and Twitter pages
Direct link to your Pinterest Photogallery
Booking Enquiries 2
Unique Booking Code 2
Profile Images (max 2MB each) 1 3
Profile Video (Youtube embed code) 1


Decide on Marketing Options…..

Marketing through our social media platforms (minimum of 2 posts per month for red, 6 for amber and 10 for green)
Free training in creation and distribution of one slide-based vlog or blog per year. Unique content and images and copyright must be provided.
Special Offers Text & Featured Suppliers Listing (max char) 500 500
Featured listing in our standard How to Guides
Templates to build a greener business
Featured listing in our Green Guides once you’ve met at least 6 of the criteria in our checklist
Free access to webinars and initial coaching towards gaining green accolades or certification


Pricing Options…..

Annual Fee / Booking Commission 2 FREE / 15% £395 / 0% £895 / 0%
Monthly Direct Debit Option £39.50 £89.50
Listing Activation Fee 3 £30

NB: Amber and Green listings will be free for year one if part of a consultancy package, and chargeable at £50 for Amber and £99 for Green during year two.

Make Your Selection…..

CLICK TO SIGN UP →  Supplier Supplier Supplier
CLICK TO SIGN UP → Venue Venue Venue
PAY NOW → Select Select Select

Things to be aware of…..

  1. You are signing up for a minimum contract period of 12 months.   Cancellation may be made with 30 days notice after the first year.   The annual fee is payable up front in advance, and monthly fees are billed monthly in advance on 1st of the month. Follow this link to download a copy of our Terms of Service.
  2. On setting up the listing, you will need to create a Unique Booking Code, so that we (both!) can identify Party Guide enquiries, and monitor the effectiveness of our marketing.  We can provide a unique booking code upon request.  If you choose a Red Listing:
    • You send us notification of bookings taken as a result of enquiries via our website, either by email or by an automated script from the checkout process on your website.
    • We receive a copy of all enquiry forms sent from the site, which we use to cross check with you at the end of each month before invoicing you for commissions due.
    • We offer a reduced 10% commission rate for suppliers using Awin as the tracking medium.
  3. There’s a one-off Activation Fee of £30 for setting up your listing.  We check for accuracy of information and working links, scale images and optimise text for easy searching, and once your payment has cleared and it is approved and live, you will be able to edit the listing yourself when you are logged in.  There is no Activation Fee for Amber and Green listings.
  4. All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing standard rate.



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